Monday, March 30, 2009

quick dinner ideas

One thing I hear from clients is that pasta is almost always a favorite food for even picky eaters. You might consider introducing new flavors through familiar routes, like these ravioli or tortellini. Serve a favorite sauce with new pasta, or find a favorite pasta and try different sauces like pesto or marinara. Consider warming up a few small portions and letting your child dip penne or other pasta into different sauces. Make a pasta buffet one night so everyone can chose from two pastas, and two or three sauces and cheeses. (You can buy small amounts of grated cheeses...) Don't forget to back off the pressure and have fun! Maybe make it a traditional Thursday night event.

We serve this ravioli (Sunrise-available at our local Mississippi Market) a few ways. For a quick dinner- with jarred marinara or left-over home-made sauce. Can also serve with olive oil and grated parmesan or toss some into chicken soup.

 We may not eat them all at one dinner, so we often pack some away still frozen in a plastic bag, lable with contents and cooking directions or rip off the pertinent info form the packaging and include in the bag. These are frozen which makes them even more convenient to stock up on for last-minute dinners. 

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  1. Mmm, porcini and provolone ravioli sounds fantastic!