Sunday, March 8, 2009

magic eraser, I LOVE IT

I should get stock. I love these magic erasers. I felt a little like a cleaning commercial the first time I used these and took fingerprints/smudges off the walls and trim. I was "Oo-ing and Ah-ing" and wearing a smile as I flitted about looking for things to clean.
It also cleans some of the really hard caked on stuff from my Pyrex roaster pan and my ceramic crock pot insert. (I don't think its safe on Teflon or no-stick finishes...) It gets bath tubs really clean, and my in-laws swear by it in their RV. (I spent half an hour scrubbing our OLD and refinished tub with sponge and cleaner. I took this guy to the stains and they were gone in ten seconds without any toxic cleaner smell.) It has cleaned pretty much everything I've tried it on. I use one for kitchen that I can reuse a few times, and another for bathrooms etc.  Do be careful as they are abrasive, but they truly are magic! 


  1. sweet fancy moses! this thing is my tub has never looked so good.

  2. I know, right!? It is a product that lives up to its name. Its truly MAGIC!