Friday, March 6, 2009

who says "food jags" are just for kids?!

I usually don't like fake-meat products, but I love these Morning Star "sausage" patties. (They're on sale this week at Target.) I've been really into my home-made sausage muffins (like the McMuffin) for lunch with some yogurt or fruit (and a mini can of Coke when I feel like it.) 
I coat a large pan with cooking spray, and heat one of the patties through (takes about  8-10 minutes.) Then I put an two English muffin halves insides down onto the pan and let them warm up. While doing this I crack an egg into the other side of the pan. I flip the egg and break the yolk so its cooked through. While the egg is cooking, I flip over the muffin halves and put a piece of cheese onto one half. I often have to cover the pan to get the cheese to melt. (Watch the soy patty so that it doesn't burn.) Once cheese is melted, layer on the sausage, egg and top with the toasty muffin. I LOVE these. (I will probably over do it and then not eat them for a year!!) Its yummy, pretty well-rounded and hits the salt flavors that I love. Definately better for you than the ones from Mcd's, cheaper and pretty quick too!  These are my favorite camping breakfast food with our old Coleman stove and a pan!
Do any of you go through food "jags?" Its a normal thing for toddlers, and sometimes adults too! (My husband likes these minus sausage – real or fake he doesn't like the flavor. M takes a few bites, but doesn't like egg yolk, so this is pretty much my treat!)


  1. i eat coffee yogurt for breakfast every day that it's in the house. every single day. of course, sometimes i have to wrestle my five-year-old for it.

  2. I loves me the pseudo-sausages! I have found that "sausage" fake-meats don't usually have the serious texture problems that others do: sausage texture is totally doable in soy form! And to me they taste enough like what I remember of actual sausage (it's been years, so I'm not the most reliable judge here) that they're wonderful!

  3. oh my gosh - I LOVE those Morningstar "sausages" but never thought of doing that with them! I see the makings of a food jag of my own here...