Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fish stick recipe modification for egg allergies...

If you want to make breaded fish and chicken  without eggs you can. Its a little more difficult, because the egg is such a good binder. 
Skip the egg and flour steps. Pat your protein dry, rub a thin layer of dijon or yellow mustard all over the meat (can use your fingers or put the protein in a ziplock bag with a little mustard and squish it around. You'll need a really firm fish if you are going to do this. ) Then take the meat out, dip it and coat it in the bread crumbs and put into the hot, oiled pan as the recipe says.
Even people who don't like mustard like this. You don't really taste the mustard, but it gives it a nice flavor. If you have too much mustard, the breading will come off. Try to let the meat cook undisturbed and flip only once if possible. (A pair of tongs makes the flipping easy, but you can use a fork.) You can always cut one in half to see if its cooked through. 
Good luck!

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