Saturday, March 21, 2009

teflon musings and new pan

I just got a new non-stick pan from Target. I love it. Its the Paula Dean 12 inch. ($30)

Things I like:
1) rounded bottom so I don't have to scrape out edges
2) cheaper than many pans
3) much lighter than the fancy Calphalon pans 
4) no plastic handle on the opposite end which tend to smell and melt if put over the heat
5) my standard glass top fits on this pan. No need to buy a new top.
6) still big enough for my one pan skillet meals

I threw out my last pan because the teflon coating was starting to show wear, and I have safety concerns at that point. 

A few thoughts about teflon

It is the only known surface a gecko can't stick to. (In case you ever have a gecko infestation.)

You should only use wood, silicone or plastic utensils to cook or serve when using teflon pans. (Metals will scratch the surface.)

Always put some kind of oil in the pan if heating before cooking. Teflon can give off dangerous gasses that cause flu-like symptoms when it reaches temperatures above 500 degrees. Oils will scorch well before that, which acts as a kind of temperature gauge. Never leave a teflon pan on heat unattended. It can get too hot very quickly.  Otherwise, I approach teflon with common sense. Discard teflon pans that show wear,  be careful with the heat and I believe its safe for our family to cook with, and so convenient! 


  1. Thanks for posting all of this great information about Teflon. Speaking on behalf of DuPont, this is exactly the type of information we are trying to share!

    If you want some more info, or just want to check out some cool recipes to use with your new pan, please feel free to take a look at


  2. I, too, am a huge fan of the Teflon pan. I can't imagine my kitchen without it.

  3. Thanks, Katia. I have to throw away almost all of mine, they are all scratched... is it really bad ? Or can it wait ?

  4. I did a little more research (DuPont website, so just keep the source in mind.) They say that ingesting teflon is not harmful (they do admit that the gasses can be harmful.) I don't think you need to worry too much or panic, but replace as you find new, cheap pans you like. TJMaxx always has decent cheap pans too... I remember eating mashed potatoes I made in med school when I used an electric beater on an old teflon saucepan and I finished half of it before I noticed it was full of teflon flakes– and I'm normal I think :)