Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it came with the cat.

We adopted two cats this weekend, and this Bratz doll was the favored toy of one so it was "included." I wanted to get rid of it before my daughter saw it, but she got to it first. She liked the purple hair and the scent (it was perfumed) but luckily was otherwise not impressed.
(It is now in the garbage– and the cats are doing fine...)
Its really sad to look at this wildly successful doll. We used to think Barbie was bad. (There is a nice study out of Australia that showed that even 4 year olds exposed to Barbie had negative thoughts about their own bodies, vs playing with an Emma doll that had more natural proportions.)
These Bratz dolls are given to young girls. Hot-pants, belly-ring, snake-skin boots, crop-top, lip-liner, droopy come-hither eyes with lots of shadow, big hoop earrings, long hair and scented! (My husband likes to tease me when I get mad about this kind of thing and says, "OK, but she's hot!") Just my point. She's hot, skinny and not the role model I want for my pre-schooler. Just a thought.


  1. I absolutely agree! I have a friend who even included "please, no Bratz dolls" on the birthday party invitations for her daughter.

  2. great idea! Can I include Barbie, Disney Princesses....

  3. Katja, I just heard today that Mattel is coming out with a new Dora that grows up and gets a make-over geared towards older kids. The new Dora is going to be skinny with long hair...I wish they would just leave Dora the way she is!!