Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick Honey-dijon dressing. VIDEO!! woo-hoo

Its video time! No rehearsal, no tripod, no lighting... but here it is, my first video-recipe. This is a great first home-made salad dressing if you're new to it.
I learned to cook largely from watching my mom so I thought this casual, real-time video would be helpful. One of my complaints about most recipes is they're too complicated for new cooks, have too many implements to clean or too many ingredients for a weeknight. This FFD Quick Honey-Mustard salad dressing has only 4 ingredients and is done in less than 1 minute. (The video is over two minutes because I like to ramble.) Mix the dressing in the bowl you plan to serve your salad. In a hurry? Add a bag of pre-washed lettuce, throw in a couple cherry tomatoes, some Craisins and toss. You can get as simple or fancy as you want. Stop by the salad bar on the way home for shredded carrots or pre-sliced veggies with your rotisserie chicken. Still way cheaper than buying a complete salad for one for $8... Snip in a little fresh dill if you have the time and inclination. Once summer comes, farmers' markets have lots of fresh, cheap lettuce that is locally grown.

Ingredients: dijon mustard, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, honey

My husband grew up eating bottled dressings,  while I grew up in a house that never had bottled dressings. Consequently, Hidden Valley ranch is a huge treat for me, and home-made is a treat for my husband. With a 'best of both worlds attitude,' we make home-made but also have some ranch on hand for quick dipping.
 M loves this dressing, and is now starting to eat salads. (Lettuce can be tricky for some kids in terms of texture.) She accepted other raw veggies long before lettuce. She's a little funny about only wanting the "light green" parts, but she enjoys salads with us. This is a nice sauce for dipping veggies too. 
M often helps squeeze the honey in, or stir the sauce, but I wasn't sure how that would work on video (and I don't want to use her when at 3 its not really her choice...)
 White balsamic is my new go-to vinegar. Sweet and acidic, and its not brown which can be a little unappealing with some foods with straight Balsamic.

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  1. I love this video! Thanks for posting, and for warning the rest of us about your heavy-on-the-vinegar tendencies! Mmm, tangy!