Friday, January 9, 2009

pork roast and easy sides

This was the balsamic roasted pork tenderloin on page 72 of the Quickfix cookbook. It was super-easy and delicious. As a bonus, I found that the Alexia brand sweet potato fries we like cook at the same temperature. (Note-we always have to cook them longer than the package suggests so they're a little crispy.)
I line the pan with foil and a little cooking spray for fast clean up. They're yummy, quick and pretty nutritious. 
Its also a bonus that they cook at the same oven temp. I get steamed when I need to do a roast and I want to do oven green-beans or some other side with a different cooking temp. If I had the choice I would go for a range with two small ovens so I would have more options. 
I'm going to start a list of things we cook often in the oven and their temperatures and keep it on the inside door of a cupboard near the oven. We'll see if that helps with meal-planning or not...
Alexia does lots of potato-type sides and breads. They're a yummy treat. They're at Target and Whole Foods and our local co-op. 
The left-over pork was easily stored for two "morph" dinners-  pork sloppy joes and pork fried rice.

5/5 stars, will make this again

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