Sunday, January 11, 2009

let them eat cake

My mom sent me this article about the perils of over-restricting treats or "junk-food" for kids.
Its pretty funny, and while I grew up in a very healthy and much less restricted home, I still snuck over to friends' houses for Doritos, microwaved (!!) popcorn and burritos, taco bell, soda...
The best part of our yearly epic road-trips? Non-stop fast food– at least after the egg-salad sandwiches on wheat bread ran out.
Leanne Birch  conducted studies on 5-9 year-old girls who were treat-deprived. These girls, when given the opportunity to eat treats (even after a large meal) will consume larger quantities and are heavier than their non-deprived counterparts– AND they feel guilty about it! 
Seems like the message is all things in moderation, mostly healthy foods most of the time and you're ahead of the game.

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