Tuesday, January 13, 2009

plates and pork left-overs

This is the pork sloppy-joe made from left-over pork roast in Quick Fix cookbook. I didn't think pork loin would have the right tecture, but it was good. (Usually I make pork butt or shoulder in the clow-sooker and shred the meat.) M really liked it. I serve it without the bun because sometimes she prefers that, but she did eat it with the bun after all.  She got in on the food prep act by emptying out the bag of thawed, left-over pork, helping measure and dump the ingredients and stirring. She loves smelling different spices. This can kill a few minutes while you're waiting for something to cook or thaw in a microwave... Caution– snorting cinnamon stings! Children will find new ways to remind you they are still learning.

 She loves these partitioned plates. Toddlers and pre-schoolers are naturally more suspicicous of new foods and pickier than older infants who just think its cook to try to pick up food and get it in their mouths. Cross-contamination of foods, which sometimes can spark a tantrum, is avoided with these nifty plates. 

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