Thursday, January 29, 2009

broccoli ala Mother-in-law

I didn't grow up with a microwave, and didn't know how to do much other than pop corn. We all love broccoli, and its not too expensive, and so good for you. Tonight we'll have it with some salmon (I have to admit, I haven't tried lots of fish with M. We usually do a white fish that I bread and fry up in a pan-recipe for that later...) I'll let you know how the salmon goes...
So I used to boil broccoli, and can honestly say it is way better in the microwave. My MIL showed me and I've never looked back! (I'd say thanks here, but I haven't asked if I can use her name or not...)  Also, save the rubber bands (usually two per bunch) for closing bags of frozen corn etc. 
  1. Cut off bottom 1/3 of stem or so...
  2. Roughly (means no need to be precise) cut off the peel from the bottom of the stem. Sometimes you can just pull it off up towards the florets and it peels really easily. I like the stems...
  3. cut the bunch roughly in half, sometimes thirds through the stem 
  4. layer florets facing stems (see photo) alternating so there is room in the dish
  5. put maybe 1/4 cup water  into the pyrex dish 
  6. cover with saran
  7. nuke about 7 minutes, check for doneness, more if desired

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