Wednesday, July 28, 2010

when to throw out the milk, the Chinese food?

Still Tasty answers all your food safety questions. I've spent some time surfing around and learned some great tips! Go to the FAQ section. Did you know you can freeze fresh eggs, and yogurt is generally safe for over a week after the use by date? Check it out.

i am out of town....


  1. This page contains lots of useful information, and I know there is serious research behind it, but I think I will continue to err on the side of caution – especially if I'm cooking for someone other than myself, and especially if that someone is a child. I have been known to eat questionable food, but I would never feed it to somebody else!

  2. Ila,
    I totally agree! I was recently visiting family, and the MIL had highly dubious food standards. We got there and a pyrex dish of home-made apple compote was sitting on the counter (2 pm.) It sat out until the next day when it got put in the fridge (no idea how long it was sitting out in the first place.) The MIL came over and harangued us for not eating the compote. It was offered with dessert that night, and I pulled M aside and said, "If someone asks you to eat that, you say 'no thank you' because it could make you sick." I really was worried... She was a trooper. Same with some syrupy home-made peaches later that week. I think the woman thought I was a bad mom bc I kept refusing all the fruits and a few other things she cooked. Oh well! Not worth the risk. My Dad was famous for saying something "wants eating" which usually meant it was on the verge of rot, or moldy cheese or rotten bananas. I quickly learned to say, "No, it wants throwing away..."