Wednesday, July 21, 2010

savory and sweet, the waffle bar

These were so good last weekend! We made waffles (home-made) and served them with ham and cheese and also with maple syrup. it solved my perennial breakfast dilemma-salty or sweet?
We put about 1/3 cup mix, then sprinkled some sliced ham and shredded Jarlsburg cheese into the middle, then put another 1/3 cup or so on top and cooked. It took a little more time than the usual. I could also have regular ones. This was yummy and fun! (Your waffle iron may need different amounts...)

M's immediate reaction was to reject the new waffles. We said, "You don't have to eat anything you don't want to," put both kinds on a platter and went about enjoying breakfast. About half way through, she served herself a quarter of a ham and cheese one and ate it. She said she didn't like it, which is fine. Kids will often reject foods. If you can remain neutral and leave the control up to them (serve foods family style) chances are they will be more likely to try something new or previously rejected.

I think this would be yummy with leek and potato soup in the winter. I actually found myself missing winter and all the wonderful food that you just don't want to cook when it's 90 degrees...

Basic Waffle recipe from Joy of Cooking

preheat iron
whisk together in large bowl

1 3/4 cups AP flour
1 Tbspn baking powder
1 Tbspn sugar
1/2 tspn salt

whisk together in another bowl
3 large eggs, well-beaten
4-16 Tablespoons (4 is "low-fat", 16 is crunchiest, we use about 6-8) MELTED
1 1/2 cups milk (we have 1%)

We pour the wet into dry and just mix until dry ingredients are gone. there should be lumps...

What sounds good to put into your waffles? Might a waffle bar be a fun way to introduce your little ones to different things? You can cut them into quarters and share! What have you stuffed into waffles? I had this when I was a little girl in Switzerland visiting family. It made an impression!


  1. Those sound very tasty. Great way to use up leftover meats from the previous night too.

    I'm a big fan of fruit in waffles (especially blueberries). Peanut butter, which is very tasty on french toast, might also be good in or on waffles.

  2. This is a very creative recipe, thanks for sharing! I would try it with different types of cheese and chopped sundried tomatoes, maybe even add some herbs and garlic powder. Or bacon and spinach chopped very very small. I don't have a waffle iron because I'm not really into sweet foods, but this idea makes me want to invest in one!

  3. Blueberries sound yummy. Wonder how peanut butter would do? A friend out jam in the middle and skips the syrup.
    Ila, I don't love sweet food too much. It's part of why I like to make my own, I can control the sweetness etc. I also use real Maple syrup (a bit) and put walnuts on top. Yum!

  4. Ooh, sundried tomatoes or bacon...that could be interesting.

    I don't have a waffle iron either, but I think anything you can do with waffles, you can do with pancakes.

  5. I have actually tried putting peanut butter in waffles (thinking like breakfast peanut butter sandwich) and it doesn't work out well. It melts and then drips out the sides of the waffle iron and what's left tastes kinda burnt. So you'd be much better off to just spread the peanut butter ON your waffles after you cook them.

    One of my favorites is chicken and waffles, where you put in some waffle batter, put in the chicken (strip-like pieces work best), then more batter on top. A cooked hamburger patty and cheese is also really good and fits well.

  6. Ashley, I'd heard of fried chicken and waffles, but never chicken *in* waffles. That sounds tasty, and so does the cheeseburger waffle. And thanks for the tip on the peanut butter.