Friday, July 2, 2010

simply cookies

I'm back in town after 3 business trips this last month. Here is a quick post from my "draft" pile until I get my bearings...

I love these... I keep them in a big ziplock in the fridge. I can pull two out at a time and make them in my toaster oven and have home-baked cookies for afternoon coffee break! (A perk of often working from my home office!) I like that the ingredients are "simple." The list is abut 6 long. Butter, chocolate, vanilla, flour, eggs, salt, sugar... Sounds familiar?
M likes them too. We can cook them while making dinner and have fresh cookies for dessert.

Remember, kids do best if dessert is served with the meal. Offer one warm cookie (dessert is portioned) that the child can eat at any time during the meal. Serving dessert with the meal takes dessert off the pedestal, takes power from dessert, makes all foods equal (vs bribing with dessert which gives kids the message that dessert is good, and all other foods are bad.) It's amazing to watch your kid eat a bite of popsicle, then broccoli, then popsicle, then chicken...
Dessert is portioned (vs the rest of the meal that the child can pick and choose from) because sweets and desserts will take the place of more nutritious feeds if kids are given the choice.


  1. continually love your blog and comments and can relate to so much of it... keep up the great work!

  2. thanks Molly,
    that really means more to me than you know!

  3. I love these too, and they definitely taste better to me than the other ready-to-bake cookies.