Monday, August 23, 2010

pretty spoons

I'm not much of a shopper for enjoyment, but I did buy one thing while I was in France. I found these little boiled egg spoons in a home-goods shop. They are made in Italy, plastic, not expensive and I just LOVE the colors. We eat boiled eggs fairly often, but I also enjoy using them with yogurt etc. They make me happy. M likes to choose her color and thinks they are pretty too. I think these would be great baby food spoons, but we're beyond that now... We also use them for jam in the mornings, and if we even have a party again would be nice for condiments...
Do you have a favorite dish, bowl or glass that seems to make a meal or an eating experience even more pleasurable? (I couldn't find them online for a link.)


  1. Oh I love the spoons! Yeah there is a bunch of pretty decorated kitchen wear at Target where I work. There's even a kid's cup that has a crazy straw wrapped in a spiral around the cup and I have to admit that it's awesome.

  2. I've been wanting to write a post about this (maybe one day I will!) but I collect green glasses -- the kind from the 70s. I used to collect older ones but they are harder and harder to come by in thrift stores these days. Even the 70s green glass is getting rare so sometimes I will even grab the amber glass. But I do this partly because they are so pretty (and I like mismatched but similar glassware) and partly because I know that green glass will be extra special to my kids when they're older. Kinda like the way I squeal with glee anytime I find a Fred Flintstone jelly glass like the ones we had when I was little.

  3. I have these silver platters that only come out for piano recital snacks and holiday company coming over. The kids think they are THE COOLEST when they get to eat the "fancy food" off of them!

    My favorite stuff, though, is at the beach house. We have these plastic plates decorated with a seashell pattern and for some reason, every meal on them feels "just right". Maybe it's the fact that we're at the beach, maybe it's the cute factor of the plates... who knows? I love those plates, though! My mother-in-law said they were SUPER cheap when she got them, too. BONUS!

    The kids' favorites are these plastic cups with a straw built in. I've seen a fight erupt over the last orange cup. My daughter insists milk tastes better in these. Again, extremely cheap purchase acquired via my mother-in-law. She must spend hours scouring the planet (or TJMaxx) for things.

  4. Are we talking Home Goods? I would like to have some non-plastic colorful spoons for my littlest. The children sized metal ones make me a little nervous as she's 11 months and just learning to use a spoon... and with her new little teeth.