Wednesday, August 25, 2010

body diversity in Children's shows II: Lilo and Stitch

Most Children's shows seem to take their cues from Keeping up with the Kardashians with the Bratz-doll look-alike Disney fairies and an apparent obsession with short-skirts, glitter, fake eye-lashes, dating etc.
Most shows that do feature children of different size have the caricature of the fat child or animal (think the gluttonous and out-of-shape cat on the latest Shrek) who is funny, lazy, silly, stupid, mean, or all of the above.

I wrote awhile ago about a show called Caillou for the younger set, and I've recently let M watch Lilo and Stitch (Netflix, commercial-free electronic babysitter while my childcare issues continue...)
Lilo is active, has friends of all sizes who are active. There is no mention of "being healthy" or using someone fat as a cautionary case.
As a bonus, none of the little girls seem sexualized. I have to say, I don't like all the teasing, the "mean-girl" language about how she is "weird," but overall it's one of the least offensive shows out there.

Are there books, shows etc that you like in terms of body-diversity? (I'd be curious if there are any ethnically diverse shows out there in any real way...)


  1. We love Olivia the Pig. Seriously, love it. My daughter is almost five and my son is almost three. No body talk, no "health" messages or anything of the like in the episodes I've watched.

  2. thanks for the heads up! We tried Angelina Ballerina and Max and Ruby, but haven't loved them so far. I have to say even Curious George, and especially the in between "educational" parts talk allot about exercise and "eating right." I like that Netflix has no commercials, no editorials, but the pickings are not the best. I love/hate Spongebob. Lots of shape diversity there!

  3. I like Dora bc her belly pokes out of her shirt (chubby) and her clothes do NOT match.

  4. I agree. We like Dora too. I just wish the pauses for the kiddos to repeat weren't so long! "SAY, Rapido!...................................."

    Have you seen the older version for tweens? Wonder if it's any good...

  5. Oswald is my hands-down favorite show for younger kids. We also like Olivia and Yo Gabba Gabba (which does talk about food in a judgmental way but somehow it doesn't bother me because "there's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy").

    No Dora in our house, I cannot stand those long unblinking pauses!


  6. If you can find any copies of 'Bear in the Big Blue House"do so. Bear is big and kind, the little girl bear is imaginative and bear-cub round, the otters are thin and otter-y and mouse is small and VERY loud.The story lines make one smile. I think I loved this show more than my daughter did!