Thursday, March 18, 2010

my kid is drinking milk again-finally

Remember when I shared that my little one had suddenly gone off drinking milk? That was over four long months ago. It has been a long time of offering yogurt, cooking with evaporated milk and sitting on my hands and biting my tongue while she turned her nose away from milk. I didn't push her (though tempted) knowing that pressure with feeding backfires. I continued to offer it and drank milk with dinner myself most nights, and I'm happy to say she's asking for milk again and enjoying it. It took several months, and patience, and consciously not worrying about her intake day to day but remembering the big picture. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being really happy when she chose milk last week.
Waiting is hard.
For anyone transitioning to a trust model of feeding, for parents who have been pushing food and now stop, or parents who have been bribing with dessert to get veggies in, or parents who have been cutting kids off before the child wanted, the days, weeks and months can seem like forever. Your child will test to see if you can be trusted not to pressure, and your child will need time to learn to tune in to hungry and full again and to feel in control about trying new foods (see Division of Responsibility.) Hang in there, celebrate the little victories and allow them to give you strength for the inevitable feeding "challenges."
A client told me her son recently chose the pears over crackers and this was a first. She was excited. We paused to note that her son was coming along with his feeding. It would take time, but he was proving that he could be trusted. With structure and support and no pressure, he would have a better relationship with food in the long run.
Have you been able to hang in there, or have you lost your nerve and done some back-sliding? Do you need help with your feeding challenges?

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  1. So exactly why are you so obsessed with your kid getting milk?

    I think you mean cows milk? There is nothing in there which a kid can not get through other food.

    Your child is weened, or not? So why do you think she still needs to get milk?

    Where does the calcium in cows milk come from,do cows drink milk to produce milk?

    Obviously not.

    Do cows, horses, wolves, apes drink milk even when they become adults?


    Is milk a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin d?

    Again no.

    Milk is fortified with Vitamin D.

    The high ammount of phosphorous is also hindering the absorption of calcium.

    The protein in cows milk comes in big chunks and is difficult to digest especially for infants and that is also the main reason why formulas are sso heavily processed, because otherwise the children would be undernourished even when cows milk has double the ammount of protein then human milk has.

    The milk of mamaels from which humans take the milk have absoltely different needs than the human body. The concentration of minerals and also milk sugar and protein is so wrong, that it would kill a human infant if you would feed it on non human milk.

    You first need to process the non human breast milk heavily before it is suitable for human infants.

    So does this sound like a good human food source, a needed food source?

    So if you feed forified cow boob juice then there is no reason to not feed fortified non cow boob juice.
    Many foods are fortified, from cereals to frozen foods to flour.

    But again you need no fortified foods if you feed a wide range of foods.
    And it is also not so difficult to find information.

    You have a computer and interent, go surfing for nutrition.

    If humans really would need milk so much, teenagers and even adult humans would have suckled on the breasts of their mothers all during the human history.

    But i bet you turn green when you think about children in the early stages of turning teenagers still suckling on their mothers teats.

    So if you have weened your child from your tits, why let it still get breastfeed, by an animal no less.

    Get her some ape boob juice, milk from apes is much better suited for humans then cow milk because they are closer related.