Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what we've eaten this week so far...

I just met with a great group of mom friends. One mom said she is just not creative in the kitchen. Here are a few thoughts. (A great book is Secrets to Feeding a Healthy Family-Satter, or Quick Fix Meals- Robin Miller.)
Sometimes I meal plan around grocery items that are on sale. Sometimes I don't meal plan and rely on my freezer. (Tuesday night) This can be dangerous if you don't have a well stocked freezer. See post earlier in the week with frozen pizza, frozen soup and veggies...)
bulk buys I needed to use up: green beans, cucumbers, mushrooms

lunch: rotisserie chicken (sometimes you just can't face another sandwich,) home-made bread, cheese, ham, carrots, cucumbers and ranch
dinner: veggie stir-fry with shrimp (mushrooms, bean sprouts, broccoli) and rice
rotisserie chicken leftovers with mushrooms and tomato sauce on tortellini (store-bought) and oven-roasted green beans, home-made bread
(see photo) leftover frozen pulled pork (from a crock pot meal) heated with chicken broth served on whole wheat rolls with BBQ sauce or ketchup, cooked green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers with home-made ginger dressing
tuna noodle casserole (using the mushrooms)

I used something from each dinner in M's lunch box. Stir fry one day, tomato sauce and rice in a thermos, green beans in a thermos...

How to make a red sauce using left-over meat.
sautee in oil one chopped onion and 1 clove minced garlic
add meat (chopped small chicken, beef, pulled pork)
add one large can of crushed tomatoes
add 1/2 tspn Italian herbs and heat through. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve on pasta and can use parmesan cheese...


  1. Love the red sauce for left over meat idea! Now I know what I'm fixing for dinner - now that it's almost 7pm...thanks for the great idea! Easy is good and I'm not wasting the leftover hamburger.
    Becky Henry