Monday, January 4, 2010

mushroom challenge

So, in an effort to save money (and buy some yummy bread) we went to Costco yesterday. My challenge? Figure out how to eat 24 ounces of mushrooms before they get slimy.

Yesterday had stir-fry. Tomorrow plan on Tuna noodle casserole... We'll see.

How not to save money? Buy fancy whole grain bread from Costco. (We love it and it was warm from the oven at $2.50 a loaf vs $4 for our Dimpfelmeijer that we get shipped from Canada.)
Then proceed to leave breads outside ( on purpose to freeze in the Minnesota weather before putting in chest freezer) only to be eaten by hungry and cold rodents (probably squirrels...) Lost 2 out of 6 loaves. Not smart, not saving money...


  1. Oooh, have you ever sauteed mushrooms? I fry them in butter with a bit of minced garlic, then splash in some sherry when they're almost done. SO GOOD, especially with mashed potatoes and steak.

    I have a really obscene love for mushrooms. I will eat them in anytime, anywhere, in any form.

  2. Hi, surfed on over here from the fatosphere feed! Mushrooms just might be my favorite vegetable. Er, fungus. I love them in omelets with parmesan and spinach--I call it a PMS omelet! I also just ADORE cooked mushrooms, especially if they're made in a crockpot! Why not try them as a side dish?

  3. welcome Dani! I hope you find more things of interest on this blog! The omelet sounds yummy. Can you share your crockpot recipe? Michele, I LOVE sherry and mushrooms. See the recipe for tuna noodle casserole. That's basically what I start with.