Friday, June 5, 2009

local market burgers

I made home-made burgers the other day (hamburger meat mixed with an egg and some bread crumbs and onions...) I tried to flatten them enough, but they still turned out like thick, round hockey-pucks. Its the kind of thing that I need to watch someone do, but tried to just "wing-it" from memory (watching my mom when I was little.)  I'll try the meatloaf burgers again when it cools down and I can have them with mashed potatoes and it doesn't matter what they look like or if they fit on a bun.
Lately, we've been having fun grilling, and we found pre-made patties at Widmer's, a small local St. Paul market known for their meat counter.  They are $1 a piece roughly, and delicious. They are pretty much just plain meat, but for me, the burger is about the condiments, lettuce, tomatoes etc. Not a bad price, supporting a local market and don't have to mix raw meat and egg with my hands. Plus, burgers cook really quick on the grill which helps get a family meal on the table. 

Try with local asparagus. I wash, then boil until tender (8 or 9 minutes) and serve with a sauce that M likes. 

Random pink sauce recipe for asparagus
Mix  2 Tbspn miracle whip, 2 tspn white vinegar, 1-2 tspn ketchup, 1 Tbspn evaporated milk (not condensed sweetened.)  Its really sweet, and something my husband won't eat, but I ate it as a kid with asparagus, and M likes it too! Hubbie eats the asparagus plain, which when they are in season is a real treat too.

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