Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bad feeding advice

I've heard all kinds of advice that parents get about feeding, some of it worse than others...

Parents share their stories.  (paraphrasing...)

"My one-year-old is refusing solid food, I'm really worried. We saw a pediatric nutritionist who told us to just feed her Cheetos. It just doesn't feel right..."

"My child won't drink milk. My doctor said that if I only give him milk, eventually he will either drink it or get dehydrated. He said after 3 or 4 days my son would like milk. I can't bring myself to do that..."

"I have a very picky son and we saw a new doctor who just told us to serve green beans and beef every meal until he ate it. Who's going to live like that?"

"My 14-month-old is healthy and loves to eat, but my Mom told me I'm making her obese and to only feed her 3 meals a day without snacks because that's what she did. My child is whining and begging for food! What do I do?"

We now know that feeding struggles can lead to serious problems. Nutrition suffers, the family meal is held hostage, kids develop an adversarial relationship with food and their parents, and disordered feeding can lead to disordered eating. 

If you're getting advice that doesn't feel right, you need to challenge it. Maybe it is good advice, but more often than not you may be getting opinion, myth or just plain bad advice. Get educated and find a solution that works for your family. 

What advice have you gotten from professionals or family about feeding??

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