Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cub foods 4:15

This image is from the Cub foods website. I was impressed by their 4:15 products. If meal planning is new to you, or you're on your way home from work or back from a soccer game and have a hungry family in the car, 4:15 meals are a great option. The meals are balanced and serve 4 for under $15. This is significant savings over chain restaurants, and even most fast food. Add applesauce or fruit for dessert and milk for an extra nutritional kick.
Check out the website for 4:15 . There are sample menus, and the choices change regularly. Another great tool for getting family meals on the table. Happy eating!


  1. This looks like a great idea. Like you, I really value family meals. Finding ways to make the likelihood of everyone sitting down together to eat takes some thought and planning, especially as one's children get older and have activities of their own.

    The Cub Food 4:15 wouldn't work well in our case. One summer we took a driving vacation to South Dakota. I decided that we could spend some of the time in the car together reading Fast Food Nation, a book primarily about the big beef industry in the United States and it's negative impact on our food supply. I read the book out loud to the family while my husband drove. It was an eye opener. There are so many things we don't even think about in regards to how a piece of meat comes to sit on a store shelf. We tend to look at the price, throw it in the cart and continue on. That is how many of the large companies that supply food to chain grocery stores want it to stay.

    My son and I now refuse to eat meat that has any antibiotics, hormones or additives in it. I don't think Cub sells any pork that isn't injected with a solution to make it "tender". I don't think they sell any meat from small producers. My daughter is a now vegetarian. My husband was unfazed by the book, but he doesn't cook so, he eats what we eat.

    The 4:15 plan looks certainly healthier and more enjoyable than stopping off at McDonalds or Chipolte.

    I understand that every family has it's own preferences and needs. I am just afraid of the meat that Cub sells, so I pay more for organic meat and we eat less of it.

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  3. I hear you Debora, I wanted to post a link to a past posting that addresses your concerns.