Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meme Roth: Rock Bottom

Hopefully you haven't heard of  Meredith aka "Meme" Roth yet.  She's the FOX TV regular, an "expert" in nutrition and founder of an anti-obesity group.  She honed her skills working in public relations for Fortune 500 companies...
She is known for telling the "truth," but seems more like an Ann Coulter PR machine looking for press and notoriety by saying outrageous and harmful things. She calls people fat, berates and shames in the name of health. 

The Guardian did an article on her which exposes her own issues with food. She skips breakfast, has a strict rule that she doesn't eat until "after a workout" which might not happen until 4 pm, or not at all. Food is the enemy, and she wants to make it yours too.

Beware of advice from "experts." Meredith is a PR machine with a vengeance, and the Valerie Bertinelli clones survive on 1200 calories a day (the same amount acceptable and described as enhanced interrogation at Guantanamo...) Roth has at a minimum disordered eating, even if it "works for her." 

More important than her own eating is her message. Shame and fear are not good motivators for positive change. In fact, shame and fear are well documented to make people exercise less and eat in ways that are less healthy and nurturing. I can only hope that Meme Roth and others like her are the harbingers of "rock bottom" with America's relationship to food- and it can only get better from there. 

Please visit my resources page for books on healthy eating for you and your children, as well as resources if you are struggling with, or think you might have an eating disorder. Eating can and should be a joyful part of your life, it should not control or consume you. 

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  1. Dear Family Feeding Dynamics,

    Thank you for your interest in MeMe Roth. While your general attention is appreciated, your lack of attention to substantiated facts is alarming.

    Please be aware that a formal complaint including a request for retraction and formal apology has been leveled against Ms. Gaby Wood and The Guardian regarding the piece you reference in your blog post.

    You make strong accusations against Ms. Roth. To avoid publishing false, libelous and defamatory comments, you may reach Ms. Roth at your convenience to check your facts.

    We understand members of the pro-fat-acceptance movement and lobbyists for the food/bev industries regularly publish falsehoods or sensationalized accounts regarding Ms. Roth, but we have all confidence Family Feeding Dynamics respects journalistic ethics of reporting facts, not falsehoods, unless the published work is clearly defined as fiction.

    Thank you.