Tuesday, April 14, 2009

pantry must have...

I didn't grow up watching my mom cook with broth. We had the little cubes that she used often, but this is so much easier and less salty in general. I almost always have some of this boxed-broth in my fridge. (Remember to date everything that goes into your fridge. See my January post save money and space for tips.) 
I use it for quick soups (the quickest is just broth, soup noodles and peas. Its a soothing, simple brew for colds or upset tummies-or strep which we all had recently again!) M had two bowls for lunch. 
I also use it if I'm sauteing something in a pan, like pork chops or onions with a little olive oil. Rather than adding more oil or water, I add a splash of broth to add flavor and keep things moist. Many recipes call for broth, and I make lots of pan sauces after I fry some protein. Its great for cooking large cuts of meat in the slow-cooker or the Dutch Oven. I also often cook veggies with a small amount of broth and butter. Carrots chopped small, frozen peas, some broth and a pat of butter left to simmer for 20 minutes is a great side dish and finger-food for older infants. Its just always there, and I'm grabbing for it all the time. You can also use beef or vegetable or fish. When I make soups other than chicken, I usually mix equal beef and chicken broth for a richer flavor. Try it! What else do you use broth for?


  1. Like you, I keep a box or two of broth in my fridge. My daughter is vegetarian, while my husband and I are ominvores, so I always have a vegetable broth on hand and usually a chicken broth as well. I like to use them for soup bases, making sauces and braising. At the restaurant where I work, we save all of the vegetable ends from our prep work, carrots, onions, celery and pieces of fresh herbs that have browned or arent worthy of serving to a customer to make a vegetable broth that is used to make the soups, etc. I have started doing this at home; it's so easy to throw vegetables that are on the edge in a pot with some herbs and onions, add water, put it on the stove and let it simmer away. It is better than the store bought, you control the salt content and the extra can be frozen for later use.

  2. Thanks for the tips from a Pro! I'll try it...