Thursday, February 26, 2009

milk allergy question

I received an email from a mom who wondered how her child would get enough fat with his milk allergy. She was planning to wean at one year and wasn't sure what to do. 
Hydee (Family Feeding Dynamic's pediatric nutritionist consultant) and I came up with some thoughts for this not uncommon problem. Remember though to consult your child's health care provider to be sure there are no other allergy concerns. 
Most of the time in fact fat consumption with dairy allergies is not a problem. Soy milk has roughly the fat equivalent of 2% milk. If your child does not have other allergies, good sources of fat are eggs, nuts (almond butter if peanuts are a risk) avocados (my daughter loved guacamole,) meats, cooking oils and fish. Make some muffins with oil, or zucchini or carrot type breads with oil. Many of the pre-packaged cereal type bars that kids eat often have fat. Very rarely a child might need a high calorie and fat drink supplement. You should be consulting a nutritionist if there is enough concern to warrant this.
Keep an eye out to be sure your child maintains his growth, but mostly don't worry about it and be careful not to fall into the trap of pressuring your child to eat because of allergy concerns. (Many moms worry that their allergic kids don't get enough calories and end up pushing food all day long which often makes matters worse. Kids who are pressured to eat grow less well and gain weight more slowly.) 


  1. Thank you!
    Andrew was diagnosed with allergies to milk, soy, and peanuts a few weeks ago. Peanuts are his "worst" allergy (though he probably doesn't need an epi pen) and milk and soy are at a level 4. (he gets a rash and hives within minutes of a soy or milk product touching his skin) I've started really worrying that he will not get the nutrition he needs. He is in the 25th % for weight and 50th% for height. I appreciate your advice. I will try to find a good muffin recipe and use oil...that's a good idea! We're also trying to get him to eat bacon (he's 13 months) and other pork products. He has a slight allergy to beef and almonds. We meet with an allergist on Tuesday to discuss further ideas so I can stop nursing. And to discuss just how careful we need to be...with the slight food allergies especially.

    In the meantime I will take your advice and try not to worry about it so much. Love this blog!!! I will share it with my friends and return to read it often. A great idea!

    Thanks SO much!

  2. Glad to help. Pass any questions along! Also, see 2/27 fish recipe for some added fat ideas. Let me know if you like it!

  3. Just read the fish recipe and will try that this week.

  4. great, please see the modification I added for egg allergies if you need it!