Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mashed potatoes are in! (for now...)

M is a fairly adventurous eater but still has gone through a more picky phase. This is typical starting around 18 months to about 3-4 for many kids. Your 10 month old that happily gummed guacamole might not touch it again for a few years.

Anyhow, I love mashed potatoes and M has never liked them. After at least two dozen neutral exposures, tonight I watched the magic happen. She scooped some up, popped them in her mouth and said, "these potatoes are really good Mom, can you make them again?" Music to my ears. 

Did she not like them because of texture or color? Does she only like them now because they are another vehicle for ketchup? I don't know. I just know that when you read articles about kids and eating you always hear that it can take "ten exposures" for a kid to like something. Well, it might take 20, or 100 as was the case with most meats that M didn't even touch until about 2 1/2.

Hang in there, include kids at your family table. If they don't want mashed potatoes tonight, there is bread and butter and other choices.  Don't give up! 

Mashed potatoes: time 30 minutes
1) peel and cut potatoes into roughly 1-2 inch cubes (cooks faster) *older kids can help peel, younger kids can "wash" the potatoes in the sink.
2) put in pot and just cover in cool water, add 1 tspn salt and bring to a boil 
3) cover pot with a small gap between lid and pot so doesn't boil over, simmer about 15-20 minutes or until you can slide a sharp knife easily into the potato
4) drain water
5) add 1 Tbspn butter and 3 Tbsnps evaporated milk (more if needed) and mash with potato masher.  salt and pepper to taste *young kids can add butter and pour in milk, older kids can do the rest * caution with hot pot.

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