Wednesday, October 6, 2010

extremes in food choices

Well, I'm up in gorgeous Grand Marais doing 3 workshops over two days. A lovely drive with the fall colors, waterfalls...

I'm enjoying a quick breakfast, and the cereal choices are fruit loops or All-Bran... Couldn't there be something in between? Seemed kind of emblematic of our food atmosphere, one of extremes. One where most folks don't cook, but Iron Chef gets hundreds of thousands (millions?) of viewers, one where nutrition classes pit KFC against Quinoa...


  1. I am just catching up on your last 4-5 blog postings and want to say:
    I LOVE this blog! I really REALLY appreciate your willingness to explore ideas, admit where you don't measure up to the ideal, etc....
    I learn something every time I read here, and my commitment to validating and nurturing my daughter's healthy relationships with her appetite and food choices is strengthened every time I drop by. That is all :)

  2. That was always my biggest complaint about that ridiculous british TV show "You are what you eat". Their dreadful host takes people who eat things like KFC and macdonalds for every meal and then put them on this strict diet where they eat things like quinoa and steamed broccoli for every meal! What happened to a happy medium?

  3. Thanks for coming up to Grand Marais. Your information is so important and has already allowed families to start making changes in how they think about food!

  4. You make a good point about there being (or not being) a happy medium. It's either heavy food or rice cakes - blah. You know, if you want to eat doesn't have to be so strict. I don't know why some people don't get that.

  5. greenleaf, I hated that show! I also can't stand that new show with Jillian from Biggest Loser. Shaming, unrealistic, harmful garbage...

  6. Lynn,
    It was my pleasure, and such a lovely place! I was sad I had to leave to get back home to my family. keep me posted! Seems like you have a great program up there!

  7. Couldn't there be something in between?

    My darker side suggests that eliminating the something in between is the point of choices like this: a person is pressured into eating the "healthy" little sticks for breakfast, because the only other choice offered is so shamefully self-indulgent that people will be embarrassed to be seen choosing it instead.

    There's also something in there about the "healthy choice" being tasteless and icky [apologies to anyone who actually likes All-Bran, but you have to admit most people don't], and pushing the message that you can eat healthy food or good-tasting food, but never both at once.


    here's the link to the short videos on eating out that the dad asked about. I'm mostly happy with them. Let me know what you think! (Feel free to email me privately...)