Saturday, September 11, 2010

new blog/website coming soon, what would you like to see?

Please take a few minutes to take the poll on the right. Also comment here on what would make this a more useful/informative site.
Want to see more on adults and eating? Let me know! I'll be combining the log and website onto one page, adding the "smart" comments feature so we can have more of a dialogue, but otherwise keeping the content roughly the same.
Would it matter to you if I did three posts a week? Is every day too much? Not enough (hee hee.)

I truly treasure all your comments and feedback. It's a way I can feel like I'm spreading the word, and maybe helping some families in the process.

And thank you all. You have all given me much to think about with your thought-provoking and often moving stories!
Stay tuned!


  1. I'd like to see more on nutrition for pregnant women, nutrition for babies/toddlers. And just nutrition stuff in general, food ideas for busy days, finding a good balance, etc.

    I like the "dealing with picky eaters" stuff (I have one currently so it resonates for me!) and I really appreciate specifics about Ellyn's work for people with special concerns, like "underweight" or "overweight" or insulin-resistant folks, or the folks struggling with food sensitivities, that sort of thing.

    I also like suggestions on how to deal constructively with fascist food police.....via school lunches, via well-child check-ups, "well-meaning" strangers commenting on what you are feeding your child, etc.

    A few blog entries a week seems plenty to me; whatever fits your schedule. I like a mix of entries, some fluffy and short, but sometimes longer entries. I enjoy seeing research studies presented and discussed sometimes if it has real applications.

    I'm glad to have your site out there as a voice of sanity in the wilderness!

  2. I'd love to read more directed to those of us who grew up with "less than ideal" eating environments and about approaching eating as adults with eating baggage.

    I have been taking a lot of what you address to parents to apply to myself.

    Thank you for all you do!

  3. I really like the daily entries, but I know that can be hard to keep up.

    I like that this blog is focused on family eating, instead of just on adults - there are other blogs out there that focus on eating competence for adults, but this is the only one I know of that talks about raising kids. If you're going to talk about adult eating, I'd like to do it in the context of adults with kids, and the special problems that brings. For example, I have "permission" to eat whatever I want (part of developing my own eating competence), but I find it difficult to combine that with "setting a good example" for my kids sometimes. That would be a really interesting problem to discuss.

  4. I'd like to hear more about adult eating, especially where to find the line between ''taking care of your health and what you eat'' and ''being a restricted eater''. To me it's tricky.

  5. Just took the poll. I ticked "more sharing with other readers" even though I'm not sure if you refer to you sharing your own feeding/eating experiences with us or us readers sharing with each other... Either way, I love these posts because they make me realize that I'm not alone, and that even professionals like you have feeding/eating trouble sometimes...

    I really enjoy the daily posts but I would be ok with three posts a week, especially if this gave you time to write longer, more thought out posts. Or you could alternate between long, in-depth posts and shorter, fluffy ones, like Well Rounded Mama says above.

    Definitely keep on writing about feeding/eating on a budget, I think lots of your readers will benefit from this kind of advice!

  6. I love your posts and any time you have time to share your personal stories I am game to hear them. Love your stories of M, your stories of dealing with others and how they want to influence M's eating and you and hubby are her knights in shining armor protecting her right to feed herself per the division of responsibility.

    I checked "other" and "reader questions" because I personally need help envisioning how to make this work on the nights when the family can't sit down to a meal at home and our family meal is at a restaurant. How do I handle those times? How do I handle all the times where I feel my child is entitled to a 'treat' because that's how my mom helped me through hard times (i.e. ice cream after getting shots at the doctor, etc.)?

    Just keep it all coming, keep telling us what you're going through and how you're handling it, and keep responding to our questions and I'll keep being your devoted fan!! :)