Friday, April 16, 2010

things that make me feel like a...

Here's some fluff for the weekend

Things that make me feel like a

  • pouring EVOO into a pan
  • sprinkling a pinch of sea salt onto something from a little bowl
  • using a rasp (?) for garlic straight into the pan
  • cooking anything with shallots instead of onions
  • capers
  • pulling roasted red peppers out of a jar
  • bay leaves
..."MOM"See full size image

  • saying, "Young lady!"
  • saying, "Give me strength" (maybe the list should be things that make me feel like my mom)
  • setting the table for dinner
  • picking up clothes off the floor
  • wiping butts
  • sticky hugs and kisses
  • getting drawings and presents like bouquets of dandelions
  • waiting with other parents to pick up my kid
  • guilt, oh, and fear (is that fever leukemia???)
(FYI, the things that made me feel like a "doctor" in the early days? Parking in the "physician parking lot," wearing a beeper and flicking a syringe in the air until a tiny bit squirted out!)

What little things mean a lot to you? What stereotypical things make you feel like a Dad, a Mom, a teacher, a lawyer, a chef, a sister...

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