Thursday, December 3, 2009

India House buffet

I must again wax poetic about the benefits of a buffet when eating with children. (Read an old post for lots of restaurant ideas and tips for buffets with kids.)

No waiting for food (how many little toys can you cram into your purse or diaper bag to keep them happy for those interminable 20 minutes while you wait for your food– if you're lucky it's only 20 minutes.)
Tying new things without a big financial commitment, or too much waste
Not too pricey

We have long loved Indian food, and particularly the buffets. We found a new restaurant to us on Grand Ave in St. Paul. It's called India House and we enjoyed ourselves and the food.
Another bonus when eating with small kids is that they have booths. I am a huge fan. I have a kid who has shunned boosters since getting out of her high chair. She prefers to kneel (even though her feet fall asleep sometimes which is not fun...) and booths are a safe way to sit.
They have options for even the pickiest kids and adults. White rice, Nan bread, cucumbers with ranch, and our favorites are the chiken Tikka with a mild sauce, chick peas and Alu Gobi (curried cauliflower and potatoes.) There are spicy dishes too, but a nice variety.
First time there or eating Indian food? Get a few small plates of the dishes and bring them to the table so the kids can serve themselves family-style. Go in with a positive and curious attitude, don't force anyone to try something they don't want to and enjoy it! Even if they only smell, or lick something new, it's progress and you've had fun. Remember anyone can spit out a food they don't want to swallow, they just have to do it politely.

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  1. Oh, how I miss being in a town with an Indian restaurant! Please enjoy it on my behalf!