Friday, August 21, 2009

"But, you don't like tomatoes"

And other things better left unsaid...
Plus garden update!

So, what survived the early bunny onslaught is now coming ripe in our tiny backyard garden. I have to say, M is so excited by the cherry tomatoes that she's out there checking them twice a day. We've probably gotten about 3 dozen so far, with lots of little green ones coming. She eats them with breakfast, dinner, snack... We've also have about 5 cucumbers, and one green pepper. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be green, or if it was one of the yellow and orange ones we planted but just not yet ripe... I'm learning as I go! We've had so much fun that I'm preparing a larger plot to plant twice the tomato plants next year-Dad and I would like to eat a few once in awhile!

Talking about food
Today we were at Eagle's Nest in New Brighton (a favorite indoor romp area for our third day of rainy weather.) I packed some cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas from the farmer's market and Ranch in a little tupperware. I also had Kettle Corn on hand. M started in on the tomatoes and peas. A little boy sitting nearby said, "I want some of those!" and his mom replied, "But you don't even like tomatoes!" A normal reaction, but a lost opportunity.

Perhaps reframe like this...
"They do look yummy! Want to get some next time we're at the store?"
"Aren't they a pretty color? They match your T-shirt!"
"We haven't thought about having them with dip before, that would be fun to try!"

As it was, it was our last one, or I would have happily offered to share. Just a reminder that there are lots of opportunities to frame food talk in positive ways-the essence of "nutrition education" for children.

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