Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fruity yogurt, save money and plastic

I enjoy getting vanilla yogurt in large containers. I can put some in a tupperware for M's lunch box, and the whole family can enjoy yogurt fixed the way they want it-plain, with cut-up strawberries, or my favorite- frozen mixed berries. I mix the berries with the yogurt (I let M do this yesterday as the berries were thawed and looked neat to mix.) I also add walnuts to mine, but the rest of the family doesn't. It's great with breakfast with maybe a scrambled egg on the side with toast, or as dessert.

Buying the large container also saves the little plastic cups and saves money. 
What do you like with your yogurt? 

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  1. I agree the big containers are better than the small ones for so many reasons. I buy plain yogurt and add a little agave nectar or honey, along with walnuts and frozen fruit. I also have added flax and bran bits, depending on how hearty I want it. I switched to plain about a year ago and I can't even eat the flavored stuff anymore b/c it tastes too sugary!