Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yuck: how to handle food rejection

The other day I picked up M from preschool/daycare. Because we eat dinner late (6:30-6:45) so that we can eat with Dad, I always bring a snack. Some days its hard to try to get the protein, fat and carb together and eggs are a wonderful, handy, complete option to include. I often hard-boil half a dozen and use them for snacks, or in potato salad etc. 
Last week, after happily eating eggs (only the white actually) I brought one to school and peeled it and offered it. M grimaced and said "Ew, its stinks, I don't want it!" I held back form what I wanted to say which was, "Give me a break, you love eggs, you ate one happily two days ago, I packed it, you're going to eat it!" 
She drank some milk and nibbled on a few crackers.
This week again I went to grab an egg and almost didn't. "She doesn't like it, why waste it again?" I thought. Then I remembered what I tell clients and parents, "Continue to rotate "rejected" foods regularly through meals and snacks."
I brought the egg, she ate it without complaint, along with an orange and water. Just goes to show, kids are funny, finicky, irrational. Keep rotating foods through, and try to remain neutral when they say and do wacky things with food. Do you have any stories about foods your kids loved then hated? Did you keep offering it?

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