Monday, May 11, 2009

family meal planning and money saver tool

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, the owner left an old chest freezer in the basement that he didn't want to move. 
This is my first chest freezer– now I don't know how I would do without it.

Keeping track of contents
I tried to find a big dry-erase board for the top, but couldn't, so I just took the wipe-off markers and started writing the contents on the top. Its a battered freezer in a dingy basement, so functional is what its about. I list bread, muffins, pork chops, pizza, leftover sauces, stews etc with a little blank line to fill in how many I have. before I go shopping I pop down and check out what I need to restock.

Saving Money
With the extra space, I can buy items on sale and store them. Bread, muffins, meat, etc. My friend, who's daughter has dairy allergies, also buys soy milk on sale and stores it in her second freezer which saves her lots of money. If I save $1 per loaf of bread, and at least 50 cents on English muffins, I reckon we save at least $125 a year on those 2 items alone. You can take advantage of buy one-get one free sales on meats etc since you have the space. 

Last minute meal planning
If I haven't gotten my act together with meal planning, I can usually find something in the freezer to base a meal around– some leftover pulled pork, frozen pizza, stew, rolls to go along with jarred spaghetti-sauce and noodles... 
It also leaves more room in my regular freezer so that I can actually see what is in the back corner, unlike in my previous house.

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