Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hotel food

One thing I feel like eating in hotels is microwaved popcorn and coke... I don't know why, but there is something indulgent about sitting in a big bed, watching TV and munching away! I've had to get lunch from the "pantry" so it's a "healthy choice" pasta dish, popcorn and coke.

Do you have travel food? Sausage McMuffin with egg and hasnbrowns is another semiannual fave or so... (sorry I don't know how to link on the "business center PC" but I wrote about this phenomena in May about appealing foods in certain contexts, and I don't know how to paste photos! I am a Mac victim...)


  1. I mostly travelled in Europe. Various hotels have huge, buffet breakfasts which I ADORED. It was so cool because I got to eat what people in those countries like to eat on mornings. In Ireland, I had black pudding, sautéed mushroom, and Irish Bacon. In France, I had croissants, jam, baguette with butter. In Belgium, I had waffles, cramique bread. In Germany I had various kinds of bread with wonderful deli meats. Wow! It was great. And in hotels in Quebec, Canada, usually I order a traditional Canadian breakfast, sausage, ham, canadian bacon, eggs, toasts, orange juice. I think I just love hotel breakfasts. I also am fascinated with hotel toasters (the one in which you put your bread in, the slice is carried rolling on a sort of toast threadmill and just drops in your plate at the end.) :)

  2. I have a potentially unhealthy addiction to Sbarro's in airports.

  3. nice examples, fellow travelers! Now I'm off to enjoy a cup of in-room decaf with my complimentary "home-made" cookie :)
    (I do love in-room coffee, and high marks for real half and half, I HATE powdered creamer!)

  4. I'm with djodrylapointe on hotel breakfasts... yummy, and a great way to start the day when you have a lot of sightseeing/working ahead of you! In fact, I kind of trained myself into becoming a "breakfast person"(gradually building from half a piece of toast to the whole cooked breakfast deal) mostly so I could enjoy hotel breakfasts. It was so sad to have a whole buffet at my disposal and only be able to down a cup of coffee!

    A Big Mac is one of my favourite airport foods. It is truly a global food, and great for homesickness: the one you eat at Frankfurt airport tastes exactly the same as the one you eat at home, sitting on your couch in front of your tv. I know it's not exactly your mom's cooking, but most moms don't have food kiosks at international airports around the world :)