Wednesday, May 26, 2010

context and appetite: olives for breakfast? Not here, thanks!

Appetite (meaning in this context your desire, or interest in a certain food) is a funny thing. Recently I asked my readers from around the world what they ate for breakfast. It all sounded so wonderful, but didn't make me go out and buy Serano ham for breakfast, though I imagine if I was in Spain I would devour it with gusto! (We now have folks checking in from 48 countries and territories! Cool!)

Things I loved in very specific places or settings...

1) Lizano sauce-Costa Rican staple (bought bottle on our return, to use it only once or twice...)
2) Branson Pickle (Wales-loved it with crusty bread and Cotswald cheese. Brought home 2 jars that I never ate...)
3) Olives for breakfast-Turkey
4) little tart cornichon pickles, but only with salami and pita bread
5) lunch meats for breakfast in Germany, not so appealing here at home
(in particular a white sausage called Weisswurst that was a major treat when I visited Oma and Opa in Germany. I still seek it out there, but it kind of grosses me out here...)

It's why I look forward to popcorn at the movies, or love creme brulee at a certain restaurant where my husband and I ate when we were "courting." Or why I love a little chocolate or something sweet with my coffee, but otherwise go for salty foods, a specific cheese that I ate in France and couldn't get enough of, but now, eh... It's why telling people to eat certain foods is inherently tricky. Appetite, satisfaction, taste, context, emotions are so intertwined...

What are your "context" foods and why?


  1. This is so true. I'm originally from Israel, and when I go back for visits I eat completely different foods than I eat here at home. The same thing happens when I visit my mom who lives in another state. I simply crave different foods. Where I eat and who I am eating my meals with makes a huge difference.

  2. White wine. I only drink it on summer days, sitting in the courtyard or on the wall of some old building, in the shadow of some old trees. I don't even like white wine the rest of the time.

  3. Branston's pickle, while wonderful, is *not* a breakfast food. Cheese and pickle sandwiches are lunch things. Trufax.

  4. Thanks PH! We did in fact eat it for lunch :)
    Still didn't want it for lunch on my return!

  5. BLT sandwiches! They are my favourite breakfast when I'm in Ireland. Back in Spain, it's like "Bacon and mayonnaise!? For breakfast!? What was I thinking!?"