Friday, February 13, 2009

Pho-nomenal (vietnamese soup...)

I just found a fun article on chicken soup and its medicinal qualities. I found it was the only liquid that helped with our recent sore throats.
Our favorite Pho is from Vina in Highland Village (St. Paul) and from Lotus in the Loring Park area of Minneapolis. Yum! M slurped down the broth and noodles, and picked out the chicken to eat with ketchup, as usual. She likes the bean sprouts, but wasn't too keen on the "leaves" in her soup. (Basil for flavor.) Its not spicey, but so hearty and MUCH better than broth in box, even the fancy organic free range ones. Not sure if the Pho has MSG. My friend from China cooks with a little jar of MSG at home, and its never bothered me. There has to be a secret to why it tastes so good! (Even my home-made broths with chicken and bones and veggies cant touch it.) Anyone else have a favorite chicken soup, or similar?

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