Monday, February 2, 2009

beet (and corn) salad

This is a great fall/winter veggie dish. Beets are also locally grown until late in the season (golden beets are great too.) 

Beet salad: total time 40 minutes (about 10 minutes prep)

1) Cut the greens off fresh beets, wash the outside of the beets and boil in water (cover, not just steaming in a few inches) for about 25-30 minutes until you can pierce it with a sharp knife and get to the center with little resistance.
2) Then put in cold water and let cool a bit. Peel and slice the beets randomly. Can do thicker slices, or on an angle. CAUTION this stains everything, your hands included. Consider wearing gloves or not prepping this before a big presentation at work...
May add a can of drained corn. I love this as it reminds me of pretty much every salad I ate in Germany, where I was born. M doesn't like the corn, but likes the beets.
3) Add about 4 Tbspns white balsamic or other white vinegar and about 2 Tbspns of vegatable oil and toss. (Adjust oil and vinegar ratio to taste.) May add salt and pepper, but I like it plain. This keeps great in the fridge for a few days and is served best cold (I find warm beets a little unappealing but that's just me.) 

*kid tip-eating beets turns your tongue bright pink. M likes to eat some and look at everyone's tongues. My pediatrician also tells me her kids like to eat enough to make their pee turn pink. It works! 

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